Hamlet Humour

Act 2 scene 2
And there’s the humor of it…

You probably already realize that by our standards, Shakespeare spoke funny. And, I don’t mean funny-ha ha; I mean funny-strange. But, in Shakespeare’s day, “humor” didn’t mean funny. Instead “humours” were liquids in the body that they categorized and used to explain emotional behaviours. Below is a chart with the four humors.

If you had to predict which humor Hamlet has too much of, which might it be?


And then there is this one that comes from a medical chart and shows the relationships of direction, seasons, temperament, and the humors of the body.

But when it comes to humour, this one works for me.

Get lost polonius


About melaniewhite2012

I am a high school English and Media Studies Teacher, an editor, and writer of educational publications for McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Ltd, and a mother of three. I distance run, exist largely on raw food, fresh air and sunshine, good literature, thoughtful radio, film, and laughter.
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