Hamlet Humour Redux

Reading through a lens is like reading from another perspective. How about the perspective of a dog in “Dog Hamlet”?

“To pee or not to pee”

Or, how about Hamlet from the perspective of a preschooler?

“B, or not ta B”

Or how about a post-apocalyptic Governator?


About melaniewhite2012

I am a high school English and Media Studies Teacher, an editor, and writer of educational publications for McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Ltd, and a mother of three. I distance run, exist largely on raw food, fresh air and sunshine, good literature, thoughtful radio, film, and laughter.
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2 Responses to Hamlet Humour Redux

  1. Tara Miladi says:

    I found the Sesame Street video quite hilarious. I guess it just goes to show how well known Hamlet is and how it can even be used as a learning tool at a young age.

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