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By Natalie Merchant Ophelia was a bride of God A novice Carmelite In sister cells The cloister bells tolled on her wedding night Ophelia was the rebel girl A blue stocking suffragette Who remedied society between her cigarettes And Ophelia … Continue reading

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Philosophy and Poetry

Tragedy moves like a ghost appearing in the most unexpected places. And in the midst of experience, philosophy seems both more and less important to our feeble attempts at understand suffering and loss. While reading the fictional tragedy of Hamlet … Continue reading

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Hamlet Humour

And there’s the humor of it… You probably already realize that by our standards, Shakespeare spoke funny. And, I don’t mean funny-ha ha; I mean funny-strange. But, in Shakespeare’s day, “humor” didn’t mean funny. Instead “humours” were liquids in the … Continue reading

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Hamlet as a Second Language

While the ideas are universal, and the themes are timeless, reading Shakespeare is reading another language. Without knowledge of the word use, the phrasing, and the syntax, readers are circumstantially dealing with SSL, or what I refer to as,  Shakespeare … Continue reading

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Hamlet Map

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Re:writing and Re:thinking

There is no escaping it. Writing is difficult. But some writing is more difficult.  Some writing requires hours of quietly wrought deliberation with one’s own thoughts. There’s no doubt, that good writing requires good thinking. Good writing defies formula, defies … Continue reading

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Entering, Exiting, and Identity

 Entering “The Matrix” with my students never fails to dominate my cognitive time, though this time will be different. This time, instead of an emphasis on the construction of meaning through cinematic devices, I will enter the film spending time … Continue reading

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Thinking about Film

We watched part of the film version of the novel, The Namesake, in class today and the scene where Ashima learns of her husband’s death over the phone launched me into thinking about the ways that the two media communicate so … Continue reading

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I have been thinking about my current dilemma. I am the subject of criticism and the object of masochism. My philosophical belief in rewriting assignments has me stuck in a metaphysical game of tug-of-war. In most areas of my life, … Continue reading

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