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Dreaming “To be or not to be”

Can you imagine having to perform the most famous soliloquy in the history of modern literature? Hamlet’s iconic speech in Act 3 is often interpreted as suicidal ideation, though there is more than enough evidence to suggest otherwise. The lines … Continue reading

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More Hamlet Hauntings

Kurt Vonnegut was a great writer. He is considered by many to have been a skeptic, an aetheist, and a humanist. He studied anthropology, he wrote, and he taught writing, before he died in 2007. Though he wrote under the … Continue reading

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Hamlet as a Second Language

While the ideas are universal, and the themes are timeless, reading Shakespeare is reading another language. Without knowledge of the word use, the phrasing, and the syntax, readers are circumstantially dealing with SSL, or what I refer to as,  Shakespeare … Continue reading

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Hamlet Hauntings: Of Kin and Kindness

This is the first of a series of posts on Quotations and significant ideas in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. These posts are meant to supplement the classroom lectures and to add to the discussions happening on your own blogs. Of Kin and … Continue reading

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The Question of Hamlet and The Problem of Choice

I have a problem that’s keeping me awake. The problem enters my dreams and the constant wrestling with the issue heightens my awareness of the paradox of choice. Too much choice and we are paralyzed, too little choice and we … Continue reading

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